Jumping dolphins in Alicudi sea

ALICUDI – Aeolian Islands Private Yacht

Aeolian Islands Private Yacht. Alicudi is the most secluded paradise of the Aeolian islands, with the least number of inhabitants, where donkeys are the only means of transport on the island. No boutiques, no lounge bars, just a few small craft shops. A place out of time, surrounded by wild nature, where the crowd does not exist and chosen by an elite of artists, writers and loners in search of peace to reflect or work. Excluded from the crowded yachting circuit that touches the other Aeolian Islands, the charm of the island is that of a simple and authentic place where the beaches are accessible only in boats such as the dock of Palomba, Porto, Scoglio Jadera and Sciara dell’Arpa. Its beautiful coast is dotted with steep cliffs that reach 500 Mt. and not easy access. This is why its waters are transparent and very pleasant to swim in the midst of a myriad of fish in an underwater scenario that leaves you breathless. The island is dominated by heather that covers the surface and by the summit of Filo dell’Arpa, one of the many submarine volcanoes now emerged. The east coast hosts the only settlements of the island, consisting of rustic environments and the small church of San Bartolomeo. Sezzo della Farcona and Timpone delle Femmine are the main sites of historical and cultural interest in Alicudi. The inlets under the picturesque cliffs and the natural arches called “Perciati” are a privilege reserved only for those arriving by boat. Alicudi can also be the scene of many adventurous explorations for trekking enthusiasts. The mule is the main form of transportation on unshaded dirt roads. On these routes you can admire a majestic scenery of nature and unspoiled beauty. Joining the local fishermen for a fishing trip will be a truly unrepeatable experience.

FILICUDI – Aeolian Islands Private Yacht Charter

Covering just nine square kilometers, Filicudi is formed by a group of craters covered by typical Mediterranean vegetation: capers grow wild all over the island, amidst the scent of wild fennel, mint and oregano. The Mediterranean brush covers the entire island and is particularly thick on the northern side. The coastline is not sheer but gradual, creating a variety of colors in the sea from green to blue and violet. Docked, with the tender, at the small port at Filicudi we can go to three small villages, with some small restaurants. After, for spectacular views over the neighboring islands, go to the Fossa delle Felci, the island’s mountain. Then there is the Grotta del Bue Marino, with its mystical atmosphere, and finally La Canna, a rock about 70 meters high: a black blade sticking out of a blue sea. Selected form many celebrated writers who elected her to perfect “buen retiro” is the perfect island if you want to escape the world and taking your time and anchor and swim, dine and swim again.

Aeolian Islands - Vulcano - black sands

VULCANO – Aeolian Islands Private Yacht Charter

One of the most amazing of the Aeolian Islands, thanks to the presence of thermal springs and healing mud baths are. A renowned destination of wellness tourism. Levante cove is one of the main berthing sites of the archipelago, accommodating about 120 sailing or motorboats up to 60mt. Taking a sheltered mooring is stress-free and affords to have a good bath in the transparent waters of the island. Vulcano’s 21sq kilometers surface houses breathtaking ribbons of sand, extinct volcanoes and lava flows, such as Vulcano della Fossa and the smaller Vulcanello and Monte Aria, Monte Saraceno, Vulcano della Forgia and Pietre Cotte. Sitting in the dazzling framework of the Aeolian archipelago, Vulcano’s mysterious and magical atmosphere inspired William Shakespeare to set his “The Tempest” right on these shores, where history blends in with the myth. Only by yacht we can reach the unbelievable and wild cove of the “Sabbia Nere” or “Porto di Ponente”, with its characteristic fine black sand, the “Spiaggia del Gelso”, or the charming bay of “Spiaggia dell’Asino”, with access also by a steep, narrow stairway which is the scene of the island’s glamorous nightlife. Thrill-seekers can climb to the top of the volcano, amid arduous footpaths and sulphur emissions. The breathtaking view of the whole of the Aeolian archipelago from the top is the best reward for your climbing efforts.


The largest and busiest of the Aeolian Islands, characterized by a mountainous interior, a jagged coast and pristine waters. Lipari is the quintessence of Mediterranean beauty, renowned for the obsidian cave of Canneto and the dazzling pumice caves with its white reflection on the sea and which project a characteristic turquoise hue on the surrounding environment. The island also offers the opportunity to visit many cultural sites such as the Museum and the Archaeological Park, the Acropolis, the Cathedral of San Bartolomeo and the Citadel-Castle located on a 50-meter cliff and is therefore a perfect mix of culture, tranquility and glamor. The island boasts a variety of fabulous marine sites such as Punta Canneto, Acquacalda, Valle Muria and Spiaggia Bianca, listed as the most beautiful places in Lipari. The seabed of the isolated bay of Vinci, not far from Punta Cafazza, is perfect for snorkeling enthusiasts. There are many coves that extend up to Marina Corta, an excellent mooring point or Sub-masters for anchorage in the bay surmounted by the reflections of the village. The offer of typical restaurants where you can enjoy the typical island cuisine is really vast and it will be a real pleasure to discover them through the streets of the center.

Lipari - piscine di Venere

SALINA – Aeolian Islands Private Yacht Charter

Salina is the second largest Aeolian island. It was named after the little salted lake of Lingua lying at the south-eastern tip of Salma where the inhabitants once used to gather the salt needed to preserve capers and fish; centrally located, lying two miles from Lipari, it is the only Aeolian island covered with blooming vegetation suitable for agriculture thanks to its many water sources with more than 400 different types of plants growing here and the one of the most beautiful strawberry tree woods of the entire Mediterranean. Certainly the island is the preferred destination by the most elegant people. Salina’s film-set beauty became famous to the world in the iconic 1994 movie, “Il Postino”, which was filmed in the dramatically beautiful bay at Pollara, set in an underwater crater and surrounded by cliffs and verdant green. Here we’ll drop the anchor near the natural stone arch for a unimaginable and lovely afternoon of swimming and relax before having drinks on the sundeck and watching the spectacular Aeolian sunset. Swimming in the middle of a submerged crater try to imagine the feeling of being surrounded by wonderful warm currents. A truly unique experienced. If you are cruising in the first week of June, the annual caper festival transforms Pollara into a vibrant village of street games and dancing- and plenty of delicious Sicilian food. When landed at the gorgeous little port at Santa Marina Salina we will find ourselves in the middle of lined of boutiques and restaurants which serves good, fresh, simple food as the swordfish carved up by the Santa Marina’s fishmonger. Cool down with one of the world’s greatest almond or lemon granitas at “Da Alfredo” in Lingua, available too for the for a cooking class only for granita & brioche; a must of the experiences.. Rinella offers excellent snorkelling on the shoal off its black sand beach, while the whitewashed village of Malfa sits in its nest of hills above the sea, surrounded by rolling vineyards that produce the delicious Malvasia wine. Salina’s beauty is not limited to the coast it also has a magnificent primeval fern forest that winds up into the mountain, cool and dripping, before opening up to huge coastal panoramas and the volcanic crater of Fossa delle Felci.

PANAREA – Aeolian Islands Private Yacht Charter

The oldest of the Aeolian Islands, Panarea is located north of the Sicilian coast. Its main center, the tiny San Pietro, is the fabulous scene of a lively nightlife, animated by exclusive restaurants, clubs and plenty of exclusive boutiques. Popular with national jet-setters, Panarea is a magnet for the international yachting crowd. To you the pleasure to explore the emotions and feelings which arouse cruising along the unparalleled beauty and glamorous atmosphere of Panarea’s volcanic setting. Dive and snorkeling sites, aquamarine waters, dramatic rock formations, coral reefs, and an enticing rugged silhouette sculpted by volcanic activities makes Panarea a lovely yachting destination. The precipitous cliffs of the remaining coastline make some beaches accessible only by boat. The tiny islets, offshore houses, the beautiful strands of Basiluzzo and Lisca Bianca, to swim or dive what better than Spinazzola, Peschiera Sommersa, Pietra Nave rock, the wreckage of Lisca Bianca, and the reef of the reefs emerging called “Formiche”. Cala Junco is one of Panarea’s top attractions, it is a rock-strewn beach nesting in a lovely cove. Calcara sits inside an inactive volcano, where you can gaze out over a breathtaking view. Its hot soil and fumaroles have a positive effect against respiratory ailments and Cala Zimmari is the only strand on the island with shining gold sand. If you moore for the night in Panarea, the must is to celebrate the aperitif rite in one of the several lounge bars or luxury hotels in the port area and after, the night continues in the most desirable spots for the international Jet-Set.

Stromboli by night - Eruption

STROMBOLI  – Aeolian Islands Private Yacht Charter

Stromboli the northernmost of the archipelago and the smallest islet of “Strombolicchio” are a real pearl of the sea with inlets, hidden caves and black volcanic sand beaches that can only be visited from the sea. The volcanic activity of the “Sciara del fuoco” is the main attraction of the island. Volcanic explosions occur every 20-10 minutes and it is a show that begins at sunset and a privilege reserved only for those who pass along the coast by boat. Perfect show to admire while sipping an excellent Sicilian wine. The island was an important economic center and was almost completely abandoned in the 1930s following a violent eruption. The island was rediscovered and relaunched for the international jet set thanks to Roberto Rossellini who created his neorealist masterpiece starring Ingrid Bergman. Long before, Jules Verne had set the end of his novel Journey to the Center of the Earth here. Since the 1950s, the wonderful sea, nature and traditional atmosphere of Stromboli have attracted the most demanding visitors who love authenticity, leisure and privacy. Walking in the dark on the streets without electricity and jumping on a mule to reach the splendid medieval settlement of Ginostra are truly unique experiences. Highlights: the beach of Forgia Vecchia and then Scari, a pebble beach not far from the San Vincenzo settlement, from which you can enjoy a splendid view of Strombolicchio; Ficogrande, a pebble and black sand beach and the isolated Punta Vena with its unique thread of gray granite and still “Piscità” a splendid place for a swim and the beach “Lazzaro” with a splendid cave. The rural settlement of Ginostra is certainly the pride of the island with its splendid natural pools and the wonderful “Piscinette” snorkeling site.

TAORMINA – Aeolian Islands Yacht Charter

Taormina is home to superb beaches, ranging from vast sandy shores to less-explored reaches, to picturesque coves and more. The most beautiful beaches are on the nature reserve of Isola Bella, an unspoiled dive and snorkeling site, and the inlet of Mazzarò. Villagonia beach and the city beach of Giardini di Naxos are yet more spots to have a good swim in pristine waters. For a nice alternative to the sea, stroll the streets of this beautiful seaside resort and delight in its unmatched dazzling views and architectural beauties. Like many other Italian attractions, Taormina inspired countless artists. Ernest Hemingway was among them, writing of “picturesque lanes, between old houses with stone walls semi-covered by bougainvillea, avenues that opened onto lemon and orange groves, hills covered by the dark green of the olive trees, in front the color of the sea, shifting from sky blue to blue, to purple. Start your art-and-culture tour of the city at the Greek Theater where plays and performances continue to be staged in a lovely frame suspended between sea and sky. Palazzo Corvaja and the Cathedral are examples of superb architectural mastery and Corso Umberto is the main avenue lined with elegant boutiques. The offer of starred restaurants and typical trattorias is endless, as well as the opportunity to have an aperitif on one of the terraces of the most enchanting hotels in the world that overlook the majestic profile of Mount Etna. Etna dominates the whole territory, which you can visit in Helicopter or with an off road having also the possibility to make a wine tasting in one of the 103 wineries that make the fine wines of Etna.